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What's New?

For new features or changes that affect teachers, coaches, and other school staff, review this topic. If you are a super user (Edline administrator), see the What's New section for super users.

July 2015 Release

This release includes several small enhancements, accessibility improvements, and bug fixes.

Support of Multiple Teacher Classes

For classes that have multiple teachers or teacher assistants, the class pages now supports multiple teacher profiles. Teachers will be able to set their own profiles on the class page, and students and the guest will be able to view both teacher profiles.

Image illustrating associated text

News Box with Thumbnail Pictures

The News box on any webpage now supports thumbnail images to coincide with the news story.

Image illustrating associated text

You can add one thumbnail picture with each news item.

Include an Image in News Topic

When you add a news topic, the Thumbnail Image section is now available in the Modify Document page.

Image illustrating associated text

  1. Click Choose file and select an image for the topic.
  2. Click Upload
  3. Type a description of the picture in the Alternative text box.

    This information is used for accessibility with screen readers.

  4. Click Save and Return.

Edit Forms

You can now edit minor changes to forms even after submissions have been made. You will not be able to add or remove any questions from forms, but you can correct any spelling issues, or add more details to questions.

Update a Form

  1. Open the form using the Edit option.
  2. Click Prevent Form Submissions.
  3. Click Build My Form and edit any changes.
  4. Save the form and click Allow Form Submissions.

Bug Fixes

This release includes fixes to several past issues. The following table summarizes the bug fixes most likely to affect teachers.

Issue ID# Fix
ID# EDL-10818 / TSI-1040 Fixed an issue where the news folder did not reflect the same item order in both list and standard view.
ID# EDL-10721 / TSI-865 Fixed issue where Tiny MCE and Vimeo video links were broken by Tiny MCE.
ID# EDL-10762 / TSI-1001 Do not show email links in profiles unless a user is both confirmed and allowing emails.
ID# EDL-10703 / TSI-973 Fixed calendar subscription link issue caused by special characters included in ICS links (for OSX, Google, and Outlook).
ID# EDL-10533 / TSI-878 Fixed issue where required video format information was not sufficiently present, causing a failure to convert.
ID# EDL-10589 / TSI-912 Fixed issue where the Add Box button fails if “&” or “--“ characters are present.
ID# EDL-10141 / TSI-125 Fixed issue where imported calendar events were not represented on the Activity Feed.
ID# EDL-10410 / TSI-125 Improved representation of events on an Activity Feed by indicating the month.
ID# EPB-16453 Altered More News link to go to the standard view rather than the list view.

February 2015 Release

Blackboard continues to improve accessibility features on your website. For users requiring screen readers or keyboard only functionality, your website has automatically been improved to better assist them.

Many pages accessed by students and parents include the following enhancements

  • A link is provided to skip navigation and other page elements that are repeated across webpages.

    Image illustrating associated text

  • Menus are navigable using standard keyboard keys - TAB, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT arrows, and ENTER.
  • Areas on a webpage are navigable using standard keyboard keys.
  • Any tabbed interface sections on a webpage are navigable using standard keyboard keys.
  • Default headings available in Edline have been designated with semantic markup. The semantic markup will not be automatically added to new headings created by districts and schools.
  • Text alternatives have been added to many images.
  • Text labels have been added to many form fields. The Check Accessibility tool has been added to several document pages to allow teachers and staff to check their text for accessibility issues.

    Image illustrating associated text

To learn more, see Accessibility Features.

July 2014 Release

Google Translation Update

Edline's translation feature has been updated to Google's latest version. You will now have over 80 different languages to choose from for your translation needs.

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  • Click the Translation File:en-us/Edline/040_Super_User/001_Whats_New/translationicon.jpg icon for the Select Language list. Click the language you want for translation.

Updated Folder Sorting Feature

Now, teachers, administrators, and other staff that add content to a folder on your website, can sort the content by the date created, the date modified, or the content type. The default sorting for content is alphabetical by the name of the document. In previous releases, if you wanted information to appear at the top of a list on a web page, you had to manually reorder the content. Now, you can use the sort method.

Image illustrating associated text

  1. Open the folder contents you want to resort.
  2. Click the Modified, Created, or Type column to sort by the specific information.
  3. Click Save Sort.

    You will see warning message ensuring you want to resort the data.

  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Done when finished.

Use the new Sort feature when updating Slideshows to have the most recent pictures playing at the beginning.

Accessibility Improvements

Edline has included the following accessibility improvements to make your website friendly for accessibility tools:

  1. All menus in Edline can be navigated via your keyboard.
  2. Document and Folder page titles are now main headers (h1 styles) for easier location and navigation.
  3. Form input fields now have labels for screen readers.
  4. Buttons available on Edline pages now have alternate information attached for screen readers.
  5. Your page header and any header-like banners will now be recognized appropriately by screen readers.
  6. Slideshows can now be controlled by the user via the keyboard. The Left, Right, and Enter keys move through slides, while the ESC key plays and pauses the slideshow.
  7. The monthly Calendar page has been improved to be more navigable.
  8. Many of the icons available on Edline pages have alternate information attached for screen readers.

Hall Pass Includes Britannica Online and Study Island

More single sign-on capabilities have been added using the Hall Pass feature to allow users — students, teachers, and other staff members — to access Britannica School and Study Island directly through their school's Edline website without needing to constantly enter different user names and passwords.

Britannica School

The school user with access to Britannica can launch the application through Edline after the district completes the initial setup.

  1. From the My Edline menu, select My Hall Pass available under the My Account section.

    Image illustrating associated text

  2. Click on the Go button next to Britannica.

Study Island

Users with access to Study Island can launch the application through Edline after the district completes the initial setup.

  1. From the My Edline menu, select My Hall Pass available under the My Account section.

    Image illustrating associated text

  2. Select Study Island from the list.
  3. Type your User Name that you use to access Study Island.
  4. Type your Password that you use to access Study Island.
  5. Click Save.

Now, any time you want to access Study Island, you can open My Hall Pass and click the Go button next to Study Island.