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Use Your Google Apps ID for Edline

Blackboard is pleased to offer more flexibility by allowing users to sign in with Google Apps accounts! Students and teachers with Google Apps accounts setup for your district will be able to sign into Edline using their Google Apps user name and password — less sign-on information to remember!

Google is not affiliated or in partnership with Edline, Blackboard Engage, or Blackboard, Inc. Google simply provides sign-in technology to these sites.

This feature will not be available to all customers initially. Blackboard will monitor any speed issues by strategically rolling over districts and schools at specific times. Blackboard wants to ensure any issues that are discovered in the rollover are corrected before the start of the next school year. Contact your representative for any more additional information.

How to Sign into Edline Using Google Apps

Students and teachers can log into Edline using their Google Apps sign-in information.

  1. Click Sign In from the Edline menu bar at your district/school website.
  2. On the Sign In page, click School Login to sign-on through Google Apps.
  3. Type your Google Apps email address in the Email box.
  4. Type your Google Apps password in the Password box.
  5. Click Sign in.

The district/school Edline website will refresh with your personal information.

Always actively sign-out of Google Apps.

Users should actively sign-out even if they are signed out of Edline. Always make sure to logout of computer sessions when on shared computers as a best practice.

FAQs for Google Apps IDs with Edline

Q. Can a user link multiple Google Apps accounts to the same Edline account?

At this time you cannot link two Google User Identifiers to one Edline account. In the example described above, this person would need to keep their two Edline accounts separate.

Q. Can personal Gmail account be used for Edline-Google OpenID integration?

Personal Gmail accounts cannot be used for Edline-Google OpenID integration. Edline’s Google Apps OpenID integration is for district-managed Google Apps accounts only.

Q. What happens if users forget their screen name or password?

Users should follow password reset procedures set by your district or school, or procedures set by Google.

Q. What information does Google share?

When you sign into Edline using your Google Account, we may ask Google for basic information such as the name and email address associated with your account.

Q. What if my users already have both an activated Edline account and a Google Apps account? Can I combine that information?

They can log into Edline either way.