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What Are Users, Groups, Documents, and Folders?

There are four basic components of the Edline site — people (users), groups, documents, and folders. These components are organized to display content on various pages that are a part of websites for districts and schools, as well as classes, sports, and other activities.


Users are people who visit your website. Only users who are members of your school will have an Edline account.


Groups in Edline are websites that represent organizations like classes, clubs, and sports that have a homepage within your school or district website. You may also want to create group websites for other areas such as student counseling, special education, or media centers. Many schools create groups for teacher collaboration sharing lesson plans, curriculum, and best practices. Most groups have members and people who are in charge of that group (such as the teacher for each class). Every group has a group home page where the main information such as news, calendars, and links associated with the group can be accessed.

A district is the largest form of a group. Inside a district, you will find links to schools in that district. Inside a school you will find links to classes, clubs, and many other groups in that school. You can create groups inside a class if you have students working in teams and you want each team to have its own page.

The person in charge of a group is called the groupʹs super user. The group’s super user can add and remove items from the group home page, add and remove group members, and assign permissions to group members. A super user may or may not have permissions to change the design of the webpage, depending on your district or school policy.


Documents can be anything from assignments, announcements, grade reports, student handbooks, board meeting minutes, bus schedules, or any other item available on your webpage. You can either type the text (or HTML code) of a document directly on the document page in Edline, upload to Edline an existing file that you have created with another program (such as Microsoft® Word® or PowerPoint®), or add a web document. To keep your content organized, documents are usually stored in folders.


Folders on Edline are just like the directory folders available on your computer. They keep things organized by providing a place to hold items that are related to one another. The folder page generally contains a list of items included in the folder.

Folders can hold documents (like assignments or permission slips), groups (like classes or clubs), other folders, or all three. Every group has its own set of folders listed in Contents on their homepage. Edline provides schools with default folders for Sports and Activities, and provides teachers with default folders for Assignments and Tests. You can add your own folders to keep your Contents section organized. If your school does not have a Contents section on its home page, the folders can be seen by hovering over the Home File:en-us/Edline/030_Teacher/010_How_Do_I_Start/070_Users_Groups_Documents_and_Folders/homeicon.jpg icon.

When you open a folder, you see a list of what’s inside that folder. To open any item in a folder, click on the name of the item.