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Edit Your Staff Directory Profile

Teachers and other staff members will have the ability to update their own information for the staff directory. This feature is only available if your district or school has turned on the Staff Directory feature.

Your district or school may import staff profiles. If they upload any data, your changes can be overwritten. If your profile is overwritten, contact your school administrator.

How to Open Your Profile

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Editing Your Staff Directory Profile

  1. From the Tools menu of your school or district website, select Staff Directory.
  2. From the Staff Directory click your name to view your profile page.

    The names are listed alphabetically.

Your First Name and Last Name are already set. Any classes, activities, or sports you teach or are a member of will be listed. Your profile picture you selected, any About Me information you added, and any contact details you included (email address, phone numbers, etc.) in your Manage Account page will automatically be set for your directory. You can change the image, but that will also update your profile picture throughout the website — not just from the staff directory.

How to Update Your Profile

  1. Click Edit Profile to be redirected to the Manage Account page.
  2. Type your title in the Title box.
  3. Choose a new profile image by clicking Delete if one already exist, then click Browse and select a new picture.

    Best images to use are 300 x 300 pixels. You can crop images at a 1:1 ratio.

  4. Type your homeroom or office location.
  5. Type your biography in the About Me section.
  6. Clear any classes, sports, or activities you do not want listed on your directory profile from the My Classes and My Groups tabs.
  7. Update your email and phone information in the Email, Phone, and Notifications section. If you have more than one email address or phone number, select one to Show on Profile.
  8. Click Save and then Done when finished.

When a user is not logged into Edline, such as a guest of the school’s website, the email address will display in an obscure, computerized version and not as a hypertext link.