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What Do Students and Parents See?

One question many teachers ask is: What do parents see? Parents and students will not have all the same menu options that teachers have, but they will be able to view private content, such as grade reports. Parents will be able to view:

  • Each of their children’s school websites through one single session, even if their children attend different schools. As long as each school uses Edline, that parent can access all the necessary information using only one account.
  • Parents can access the Private Reports feature to view the reports for each of their children.
  • Parents will be able to view the Activity Feed for new information added to the school’s website, and can narrow the information based on each of their children.
  • Parents will have easy access to each of their children’s list of classes and other extracurricular activities, with direct links to the main pages of those classes and groups.
  • Parents will have an all-in-one calendar of events for all other children, or they have the option to narrow the events to a specific child using the Combined Calendar feature.