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Set Up My Class or Group Webpage

The My Edline menu includes the My Classes and Shortcuts option which displays a list of all current class, sports, group, and activity web pages of which you are a member. For students, this list contains the classes, sports, and clubs they belong to; for parents it shows the list of their children (which they can hover over and select to view all of the student’s classes and shortcuts); and for teachers it shows the classes they teach, the clubs they manage, and the sports they coach.

Teachers can begin to personalize their class by displaying a picture for the class in the Group Info section, and adding a description for the subject. You will be the "super user" of the webpage for class, group, activity, or other club you manage.

How to Open the Webpage

  • From the My Edline menu, select My Classes and Shortcuts, and then click the class or other activity web page you want to access.

How to Set Up the Webpage

  1. From the Edline menu bar, select Edit This Page to access the class homepage in the edit mode.

    Image illustrating associated text

    The options listed on the Edit Mode toolbar depend upon your permission to update content and the type of page you are updating. For example, some school staff will not have design permissions, so the Designer, Templates, and Add Box options will not be available. A document page Edit Mode toolbar will have different options.

  2. Update the title of the class by typing the new name in the header. Click Save when finished.

    When entering the name of the class, include the period number information first. Students and parents will then see the classes in the order of the student’s class schedules when they select My Edline and then My Classes and Shortcuts from the Edline menu bar. Teachers will see their own class list in period order, too.

  3. Type a brief welcome or highlight key features for the class under the picture.

    When you click in the class description text, the Edit Mode toolbar is replaced with the Formatting toolbar.

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    • Use the Formatting toolbar to enhance your content as desired.
    • Click Save when finished.
  4. To update the picture of a teacher class page:
    • Hover over the picture in the Group Info section.
    • Select Choose File from the Replace Image pop-up menu.

      Image illustrating associated text

      Images should be no larger than 200 kb. For best result, set the width of the picture to the size of the page column.

    • Search and upload the picture.
    • Click Done when finished.

    The image will now be displayed in the Group Info section of your webpage.