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Update Your Class Page - New Schools and New Classes

For new districts and schools just starting their Edline websites for the 2013-2014 school year, and for new teachers with new classes, the new teacher class page will help you quickly get started for the next school year.

This page will NOT affect current teachers with existing class pages in Edline prior to the 2013 school year. Current teachers will be able to copy over their content and page designs into the next school year, as they have done so in previous years.

Throughout the new class page, teachers will be provided with help on how to enter content. When teachers first access their class page, they will receive a pop-up of the basic steps to adding content quickly to their pages.

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Welcome to Your Edline Class Page

Each box on the class page includes text stepping you through adding content. The helper text will only be listed for the teacher and not for students, parents, or other visitors.

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How to Add and Update Content

Only the content you add will appear to students and their parents. So if you do not add content to a particular box on your website, that box will be removed from the general view or your class page.

  • For news and calendar events, hover over the box and click the Add Item File:en-us/Edline/030_Teacher/040_Manage_My_Classes_and_Activities/020_Set_Up_My_Class_or_Group_Webpage/010_Update_Your_Class_Page_New_Schools_and_New_Classes/addicon.jpg icon to add content.

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    Then follow the steps to add the news or calendar content. To learn more, see News Events and Add a Calendar Event.

  • For a class or subject picture, hover over the image icon and click the Fill Placeholder File:en-us/Edline/030_Teacher/040_Manage_My_Classes_and_Activities/020_Set_Up_My_Class_or_Group_Webpage/010_Update_Your_Class_Page_New_Schools_and_New_Classes/fillplaceholdericon.jpg icon.

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    The Modify Document page will display, where you can upload an image for the placeholder. To learn more, see Update Documents with File Attachments.

  • For the teacher profile, you can update that box in several ways.

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    If you have already created your profile, your information will already be there. The link to your email comes from the information you set when creating your account. To learn more, see Manage My Account.

    Otherwise, click on the box for the profile, and you will access the Edit Profile Page where you can upload your picture, add your picture, and add your email.

How to Add Your Class Page Introduction

You can update the Group Info box of your class page using the Edit This Page feature from the menu bar.

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  • Click Edit This Page and type your information in the Group Info box.
  • You can change the class name, type an introduction about yourself or the subject you teach, and change any of the font types, sizes, and colors.
  • Click Save when finished.

Users with Design Permissions: If you have design permissions for your teacher class page, you can change your Group Info box to include a picture. From the Tools menu, select Manage Design to access your current page design. Select the design properties for the Group Info box, and set the Thumbnail box in the Other tab to either Top or Left and click Apply. Hover over the default Edline picture and select Replace Image from your right-mouse button. Select an image and save your properties.

How to Add Content to Assignments, Tests, and Other Folders

When you need to add homework, links to other websites, or class syllabus data, you can add that information by opening the section in your class navigation menu.

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  • Click on the name of the folder (such as Assignments for homework), and the folder page will open.

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  • Then hover over the box, and click the Add Item File:en-us/Edline/030_Teacher/040_Manage_My_Classes_and_Activities/020_Set_Up_My_Class_or_Group_Webpage/010_Update_Your_Class_Page_New_Schools_and_New_Classes/addicon.jpg icon to create your content.
    To learn more, see Manage Content on Your Webpages.

How to Update the Class Navigation

You can update the class navigation menu available on your class page. When you hover over the navigation, the Edit Item File:en-us/Edline/030_Teacher/040_Manage_My_Classes_and_Activities/020_Set_Up_My_Class_or_Group_Webpage/010_Update_Your_Class_Page_New_Schools_and_New_Classes/editinlisticon.jpg and Add Item File:en-us/Edline/030_Teacher/040_Manage_My_Classes_and_Activities/020_Set_Up_My_Class_or_Group_Webpage/010_Update_Your_Class_Page_New_Schools_and_New_Classes/addicon.jpg icons are available.

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Click on either icon to access the Navigation Editor page where you can update the navigation.

You cannot create content (documents, homework, etc.) through the Navigation Editor, but you can organize existing content you created by arranging and updating your class navigation.

To learn more, see Add a Top or Side Navigation for Your Website.

How to Add Additional Folders for Content on Your Teacher Class Page

While the side navigation does contain the basics of what your teacher class page will need to organize content, you can create additional folders and add that information to your class page navigation.

  1. From the Edline menu bar, click the View Page As File:en-us/Edline/030_Teacher/040_Manage_My_Classes_and_Activities/020_Set_Up_My_Class_or_Group_Webpage/010_Update_Your_Class_Page_New_Schools_and_New_Classes/viewasicon.jpg icon and select List View.

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  2. From the drop-down list select Folder and click the Add button.

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  3. Type the Folder Name and click Save and Return.

    Now that folder is created, you can add it to your side navigation.

  4. On the class page, click the Add Item File:en-us/Edline/030_Teacher/040_Manage_My_Classes_and_Activities/020_Set_Up_My_Class_or_Group_Webpage/010_Update_Your_Class_Page_New_Schools_and_New_Classes/addicon.jpg icon available in the navigation menu.
  5. Move your new folder from the Pages section to the Side Navigation frame.

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  6. Click Save.

    The folder will be available for you and your students to access in the side navigation for the class.

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