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Blackboard Help

Change the Class Name

When schools upload the classes at the beginning of the year, the name of the class may not be ideal for your teacher class page. Blackboard recommends that teachers rename the class so that the webpage is easy for students and parents to access.

For example, some schools include the period number information first when renaming their webpages. That way, students and parents will then see the classes in the order of the student’s class schedules when they select My Edline and then My Classes and Shortcuts from the Edline menu bar. Teachers will see their own class list in period order, too.

Other schools include the teacher’s name within the name of the class. So instead of, Geometry A-101, you could rename the class, Geometry — Ms. Mundy.

The class membership (list of students) is based on the Class ID, not the name. You cannot change the Class ID. This information is static. You can only change the name.

How to Update the Class Name

  1. From the My Edline menu, click the current name of one of your classes to open the class page.
  2. Select Manage Class from the Tools menu to access the Modify Class page.
  3. Type the new class name in the Class Name box.

    For example, you can enter the period number (Per. 1 — Geometry) or add your name to the class (Geometry — Ms. Mundy).

  4. Click Save and Return.