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Add Side Navigation

With the Navigation Editor, you will be able to create a new menu for your class or other group pages. Teachers and staff can create a side menu bar without requiring any design permissions.

How to Create Your Side Menu

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Building a Menu with the Navigation Editor

  1. Open the class or other group page.
  2. From the Tools menu, select Edit Navigation.

    On a class, sport, or other group page, only the Side Navigation column will be available.

  3. Use drop functionality to build your navigation:
    • From the Pages section, drag the content you want in your navigation bar and drop it in the Side Navigation column.

      Press the Ctrl or Cmd key to select multiple content from the Pages section.

    • If you want one option to be under a main category, you can drag the next item so it falls underneath the topic, creating a sub-menu. The sub-menus can be up to three (3) levels.
    • Click the Edit icon available on each item to change the name of the label, or click the Delete icon to remove it from the menu bar.

      Image illustrating associated text

    • If the content from the Pages section contains additional sub-content (marked with a plus + sign), you can have the content set as sub-menus. Setting sub-menus is only available for folders and groups for the first two levels (not for third-level sub-menus). Click the Edit icon available on the specific item. Check the Dynamically add new content as sub-items? option. All the existing content from the Pages section for that folder or group will be listed underneath as sub-menus. Plus, any future content you create in that folder or group will be automatically added to that menu.

      Image illustrating associated text

    • To gather certain menu options together, drag-and-drop the Spacer option available in the Add Custom Menu Items frame.
  4. To create a custom link to access a different website or folder from your navigation bar, complete the following steps:
    • Drag-and-drop the Custom Link option available in the Add Custom Menu Items frame.
    • Click the Edit icon to change the custom link.
    • Type the name of the Label.
    • For an external website, type the Link URL.
    • For a location within your website, click the Browse button.

      Select the location of your custom link, and click Create Link.

      Click Done when finished.

  5. Click the Save button to save the navigation. The side navigation menu will appear on your webpage.

How to Copy an Existing Navigation to Another Class Page

The Navigation Duplication feature will provide teachers with several classes a way to duplicate the design of the navigation menu across all classes.

Have your content and your first navigation menu completely finished before you copy over the navigation. Ensuring the content is finished will save you time when using the duplication feature.

  1. From your class homepage, select Edit Navigation from the Tools menu.
  2. After you have all your content and your first navigation design finished, click Copy To to duplicate the navigation.

    Any copied navigation will completely overwrite an existing navigation.

  3. Select which classes where you want to copy the navigation. Hold the Ctrl or Cmd key while clicking each school or class.
  4. Change any of the Additional Options as needed:
    • Select Link to similar content at destination if possible to ensure the navigation link opens the correct content for the specific school or class. For example, each of your classes might have their own document called Syllabus in the same folder. When this option is set, the navigation will link to the specific class’s syllabus document. This option is set by default.
    • You can determine how to handle when similar content does not exist. Select Link to the original content if you want the navigation to open the content currently available in the original navigation. For example, if you copied one class’s navigation to another class, and the second class page does not have a Syllabus document, the link will open the first class’s document. This option is not set by default, because the navigation link will open the first class’s webpage, which can be confusing to visitors. Select Do not create the link if you want the navigation to not have the specific link. For the previous example, the Syllabus link would not be copied over to any class page not having a Syllabus document.
  5. Click Done to complete the copy.
  6. Click Save to save the navigation.

How to Clear the Navigation Settings

You can clear your navigation settings, especially if you want to redesign the navigation before the beginning of a school year.

  1. From your class homepage, select Edit Navigation from the Tools menu.
  2. Click Clear All.

    A warning appears ensuring you want to remove the navigation.

  3. Click Clear All to remove the settings.