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Blackboard Help

Add Images

You can add images directly to a webpage only if you have design privileges, but you can add images to documents you create. Images can be static, or they can be a clickable image that will link users to another webpage.

The uploaded image files must be less than 30 MB each in size.

How to Add Images to a Document

  1. Open the webpage or folder where you want to add a document with images.
  2. From the Edline menu bar, click Edit This Page to access the edit mode.
  3. Hover over the section where you want to upload the pictures, and click the Add an item to this box File:en-us/Edline/030_Teacher/050_My_Class_Page_Content/020_Documents/020_Add_Images/addicon.jpg icon.
  4. Select Document Page from the Add Item Type pallet.
  5. Type the name of the document in the Document Page Title box.
  6. Click Create Now for the Document page.
  7. Click in the text box to access the Formatting toolbar. You can type or paste any text describing the image or any other information related to the topic, and use the Formatting toolbar to change font styles, paragraph centering, or bullets.
  8. Click the Image icon to add an image by completing the following steps:
    • In the General tab, click Browse to search for the image. The image location will be listed in the Image URL box.

      If you just want to add an image, click the Insert button after searching for the picture. The remaining steps are optional.

    • In the Image Description box, type any additional information you want to include about the image.

      Optional — this information will not be displayed to users.

      In the Title box, type the data you want to appear when a user moves their mouse over the image. If creating a clickable image, type any instructions for the user.

    • In the Appearance tab, you can determine how the image will look in the document.

      Set how the image will be aligned in the document in the Alignment box.

      Type new dimensions for the image size in the Dimensions box.

      Select Constrain proportions to keep the height and width sizes proportionate to each other when resizing the image.

      Type the amount of space vertically for the picture before any borders or text information in the Vertical Space box.

      Type the amount of space horizontally for the picture before any borders or text information in the Horizontal Space box.

      Type the width of the border in the Border box.

    • Click Insert.
    • Repeat this step for each picture you want to add to the document.
  9. Click Save to add the document with the images.
  10. Click Done to exit the edit mode.