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RSS News Feeds

An RSS feed is a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) news feed that supplies stories or information from other websites to your Edline website. The permission to add the feed is usually available to all school personnel who are super users of a webpage, including teachers of a class page.

How to Add RSS News Feed Links to Your Website

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Adding an RSS Feed

  1. Open the webpage or folder where you want to create a news feed.
  2. From the Edline menu bar, click Edit This Page to access the edit mode.
  3. Hover over the section where you want to add the feed, and click the Add an item to this box File:en-us/Edline/030_Teacher/050_My_Class_Page_Content/070_RSS_News_Feeds/addicon.jpg icon to access the Add Item Type pallet.
  4. Select RSS Feed to access the Create Document page.
  5. Type the name of the feed in the Document Title box. This title will appear on the website.
  6. Type a brief summary for the feed to appear on the page in the Document Summary box.
  7. If you want the feed link to appear on the calendar, type or select the date in the Calendar Date box.
  8. Type or paste the address of the feed page in the RSS Feed URL box.
  9. Click Save and Return.
  10. Click Done to exit the edit mode.