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Delete Responses

Teachers and other staff with super user permissions will be able to delete the responses for forms, surveys, homework, quizzes, and interactive assignments.

If you are reusing a form or interactive assignment that was available on a teacher’s class page last year, the responses will automatically be deleted through Edline’s end-of-year archiving processes. The forms and interactive assignments will be available in the Old Class Materials and will need to be copied over into the new classes.

If you are reusing a form or survey that was on your school’s home page, and you want to change the form, then you first need to delete any old responses.

How to Delete the Responses

  1. From the section of the webpage containing the content, click the Edit in list view File:en-us/Edline/030_Teacher/050_My_Class_Page_Content/100_Homework_Online_Quizzes_and_Assignments/040_Delete_Responses/editinlisticon.jpg icon to open the list of contents
  2. Click Edit for the assignment you want to delete the responses for to open the Manage Form, Manage Survey, Manage Homework Hand-In, Manage Quiz, or Manage Interactive Assignment page.

    The Response area will list the number of responses received.

  3. Click View Responses to access the Form Response List page.
  4. Click Select All to select all of the responses to delete.
  5. Click Delete to remove all the responses. Responses must be deleted if you need to change the form or interactive assignment.
  6. Click Done when finished.