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Collaborate Presentations in Edline

Collaborate is an additional feature that can be added to your school's Edline website, and it provides teachers with the opportunity to conduct online presentations, which your students can watch live, or recorded. Teachers can also monitor questions by their students while giving the presentation.

Collaborate is a separate product that does include its own documentation. The procedures in this topic are to help your teachers and students to get started using Collaborate. To learn more, see the Collaborate online help -

How to Create a Session for Collaborate

Before you can launch your presentation, you need to create a session for students to access. You may want to create one session for each of your individual classes and set that session to last throughout the school year.

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Adding a Collaborate Session to your Class Page

You must be on your class page to access the Collaborate tool.
You must create a Collaborate session from each of your classes — you cannot multi-post a Collaborate session.

  1. Access your class page. From the Tools menu, select Blackboard Collaborate.
  2. Click the Create Session tab.

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  3. Type the name of your session in the Session Title box. You might want to add your class name and period number.
  4. Select the start date and time for your session in the Start Time box. You must select a time that is at least 15 minutes in the future.
  5. Select the end date and time for your session in the End Time box. You may want to add the last day of class.
  6. Select how much earlier students can access the session from the Early session entry box.

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  7. In Step 2, you may want to clear the Participants have full Permissions option.

    If you leave this option selected, students will be able to add unmonitored comments even when you are not currently presenting. When you are presenting, you can enable permissions to allow students to ask questions during the session from within Collaborate.

    Teachers can also disable permissions for students before leaving the Collaborate session.

  8. If you want to email invites to your students from within the Collaborate session, select Allow In-Session Invitations available in the Step 3 tab.

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    With this option set you will be able to send invitations via email by selecting Tools/Invite New Participant from within Collaborate.

  9. Click Create Session when finished.
    The finished session will be listed in the Sessions tab.

If you need to update the session, click the Edit icon. Any time you change a session, you will need to enter a new start date.

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When you are ready to begin your presentation, just click the Session Name to launch the Collaborate application.

Repeat the steps for creating a Collaborate session for each of your classes.

What Students See

Your students will be able to access your presentation when they are on your class page. Students are required to have an active email address available in Edline before they can launch a Collaborate session. The student must also be members of the particular class.

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  1. From your class page, students will see the Blackboard Collaborate option under the My Content section of the My Edline menu.
  2. From the Sessions tab, students can access Collaborate by clicking Session Name.

    Most students normally access Collaborate from your class page, however, you can send email invites from within the Collaborate session.