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Blackboard Open Content in Edline

Blackboard Open Content (formerly xpLor) is a Learning Object Repository (LOR) created by Blackboard, that can be added to your school's Edline website. Blackboard Open Content provides access to and it acts as a cloud of education content. Teachers can search for or create information, including online quizzes, videos of class lectures, or even online discussions of different topics. Blackboard Open Content helps teachers gather the best materials available to better educate their students. The data available is global — anyone with access to Blackboard Open Content can share data with anyone else regardless of the school, teacher, or location. Not only can your teachers search for and use existing content, they can also create content to be used by their classes, and to anyone else if the teacher chooses.

Blackboard Open Content is a separate product from Edline, and does include its own documentation available in its online help. We have included Blackboard Open Content documentation to assist Edline users when integrating with Blackboard Open Content. The Blackboard Open Content terms will remain for Edline users. Terms such as Courses would be Classes on Edline, and Institutions are Schools in Edline.

In this section, you will learn how to setup Blackboard Open Content for your own needs and how to use the content available for your Edline class webpages.

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Getting Started with Blackboard Open Content