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What are the Benefits of Blackboard Open Content?

One of the biggest benefits of Blackboard Open Content (formerly xpLor) for teachers is the ability to access a global repository of information to add to their classes. You will now be able to share content with other teachers whether or not they are members of your school or district. Content sharing will depend on how your administrator sets up your school, but the default options available in Blackboard Open Content allow users to freely share information. Plus, you can search for or create content based on a particular standard that is fulfilled, whether it be a core standard or a state standard. You will be able to build your curriculum with content that fills your needs.

Once you incorporate Blackboard Open Content items into your class web pages on your school's Edline website, any discussion comments, quiz responses, and your students identity will only be available to the teacher and the specific class, protecting the student's profile while online.

The online assignments and quizzes available in Blackboard Open Content allow teachers to setup randomization of quiz questions and multiple choice answers, to help change up the online tests for your students.

In addition to the benefits for teachers, Blackboard Open Content is very easy for students to use.

How Can I Protect My Content?

What if you create content that you don't want to share? You can determine how to set any sharing between other teachers or schools. Also, if you create content that you do allow to be made available for global searches, any time another teacher saves that content, a new version is created. That teacher can then update or change any of the information for their own needs without affecting your content.

Blackboard Open Content also allows you to set copyrights to any content, however, most districts and schools keep the default settings for copyrights, which allows others to reuse and edit any of your content, even for commercial gain, while crediting you for the original content.

Will I Be Logged Out of Edline?

Anytime a teacher, administrator, or student is using the Blackboard Open Content feature, they will remain logged into Edline for 60 (sixty) minutes, however, it may appear that you are logged out. All information you add to Blackboard Open Content, even when you pass this time limit, will automatically be saved.

Are There Any Limitations of Blackboard Open Content?

The Blackboard Open Content online help does detail any file type and file size limitations that may exist when uploading content. For any videos you want to use, it is recommended to create a link to the video rather than uploading it to Blackboard Open Content. (Remember, you can also embed the video link in Edline on your class page.) For online quizzes, you can only import existing quizzes that are in the Common Cartridge format.

What Do My Students Know about Blackboard Open Content?

Students and their parents do have documentation called, What Is Blackboard Open Content and How Do I Use It? This topic contains an overview of Blackboard Open Content and how they can complete homework, assignments, and participate in online discussions.

How to Access Blackboard Open Content for the First Time

You can access Blackboard Open Content while creating new content through your class page, or through the menu bar.

  1. Select Go to Blackboard Open Content from the My Edline menu while on your class page.


    Select Blackboard Open Content Content from the Add Item Pallet.

    When you access Blackboard Open Content for the first time, you will need to provide an email address.

  2. Type your email address in the My Primary Email Address box.
  3. Click Submit to access the Blackboard Open Content Dashboard.

You will receive an email with a link for verification of your email address. Be sure to verify the address.

Navigating Blackboard Open Content

The Blackboard Open Content online help does detail how to use the different options available on each webpage including the options in the menu bar. The following picture briefly shows the different areas available on the dashboard and menu.

Image illustrating associated text