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Edit My Default Settings for Blackboard Open Content

You can change the default setting in Blackboard Open Content so that the defaults are used whenever you create or copy content for your class. You can change the sharing and copyright defaults, and select the educational standards set by your state, district, or school.

Blackboard recommends that you set the standards for your content, but many schools leave the sharing and copyright settings at the current defaults to fully add to the educational repository of Blackboard Open Content.

For more detailed information about each setting, see the Blackboard Open Content help.

How to Set the Defaults for Blackboard Open Content

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  1. From the Blackboard Open Content drop-down menu in the menu bar, select My Blackboard Open Content Settings.
  2. In the Sharing and Copyright tab, make any changes to the Sharing settings.
    You can change the settings to select who can view your content or you can choose not to share your content with anyone.
  3. You can change the settings to assign copyrights to your content.
  4. Click the Standard Sets tab to set your educational standards.
  5. Click Edit in the Standards Sets box.
  6. In the Select Standard Sets dialog, check the standards you want to include.
  7. Click OK when finished.
  8. Click Save to update your Blackboard Open Content settings.