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Search for Existing Blackboard Open Content to Share to Your Class

Use the Blackboard Open Content features to search for available content to build your lesson plans. You can search for a specific topic, subject, or grade standard. When you add content that you searched for to your class, you actually create a new version of the information which you can tailor for your own use.

How to Search for Content

You can search for content using different methods.

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Locating and Sharing Third-party Content from Blackboard Open Content

  • To search for basic content, type a topic in the Search box and click the Search icon.
  • To search for content by your grade level, click the By grade level link.
  • To search for content that fulfills your standards requirements, click the By standards alignment link.
  • For more filtering options when searching for content, click the Discover link for the Discover page.

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  • Using the Filter drop-down menu you can filter the search by Contributor (author), Grade-Level, Resource Type (Files, Discussions, Links, Assignments, Quizzes, or External Activities), Standard, or subject Tag. Select the filter content to use.
  • Click Apply to add each type of filter to your search.
  • You can add several filters in one search. All search results will appear on the Discover page.

How to Add Third-Party Content

After you find the information you need, you have several choices you can make — including adding the information to your Edline class.

  1. Select the content to access Add button.

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  2. Select one of the following options to add the content:
    • Add to Course — Add the content to your classes by selecting Add to Course. This option adds the information within your class page in Edline.
    • Add to Collections — You can create a collection in Blackboard Open Content and post collections to your Edline class. Collections are an organized group of resources that may consist of an entire course, such as the Fifth Grade Science Course, an entire Unit on Photosynthesis.
    • Add to Channels — You can subscribe to or create a channel of content. Channels are a way to group information together and share content with others who subscribe to the same channel. You must belong to at least one channel to select this option. Channels are not added to your Edline classes, but you can add the content available in a channel to your class.
    • Add to Favorites — You can add content as a favorite if you need to investigate the information further. The information will be listed under My Content in the Blackboard Open Content Dashboard.
    • Download as Common Cartridge — Common Cartridge is a format that follows a specification for how the content is created. You can download the data in this format.
    • Generate Launch URL — You can also save the URL for the content to create a link to the information. Copy the URL that appears in the dialog box.

Whenever you add content to your course, you actually create a version of the existing information. So if you add a discussion to your course, when you publish that discussion, only your students will be able to enter and review comments.