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Migrate Interactive Classroom Data to Blackboard Open Content

Districts and schools that are interested in upgrading their online testing capabilities can migrate their online quizzes, tests, and assignments designed in the Interactive Classroom module to the Blackboard Open Content add-on. Teachers will be able to use the advanced capabilities available in Blackboard Open Content for migrated content, including timed quizzes, randomized questions and multiple choice answers, and easier reuse of content for next semester/year. Plus teachers will have better support of sharing quizzes, tests, and assignments across their school or district.

How to Migrate Interactive Classroom Content to Blackboard Open Content

  1. From your class website, open the folder that contains the information you want to migrate (usually the Assignments or Tests folder).
  2. From the Edline menu bar, click the View Page As File:en-us/Edline/030_Teacher/050_My_Class_Page_Content/130_xpLor_Content_in_Edline/080_Migrate_Interactive_Classroom_Data_to_xpLor/viewasicon.jpg icon and select List View.
  3. Select the Interactive Classroom content you want to import into Blackboard Open Content.
  4. Click Export to Blackboard Open Content. You will receive a message about the export.
  5. From the My Edline menu, select Go to Blackboard Open Content My Content under the My Content section.
  6. Click on the exported information to ensure the assignment copied correctly.
  7. Make any changes to the assignment as required. You may need to type the instructions for the assignment.

    Thoroughly test any content you transfer to Blackboard Open Content, especially any fill-in-the-blank, essay, or text questions.

  8. Add the Blackboard Open Content assignment to your courses as required.

You may want to delete the original Interactive Classroom assignment from your class pages once you have the information exported into Blackboard Open Content.

What Exactly is Migrated to Blackboard Open Content?

Some limitations do exist as to what content levels, document settings, and types of quiz questions are migrated from Interactive Assignments to Blackboard Open Content. The following table describes what is or is NOT migrated to Blackboard Open Content

Content Level Type:  
Edline Item Blackboard Open Content Match
Quizzes Quizzes
Interactive Assignments Quizzes
Homework Hand-ins Not Supported
Document Level Type:  
Edline Item Blackboard Open Content Match
Title Title
Category/Folder Not Supported
Summary (Description) Not Supported
Calendar Event Location Not Supported
Calendar Begin Time/End Time Not Supported
Friendly URL Not Supported
Multi-Post locations Not Supported
User Access after submission Not Supported
Display Grading/Feedback to users Not Supported
Sync with Gradebook This is a graded assessment box automatically checked in Blackboard Open Content.
Sign-up for administrator notifications Not Supported
Anonymity Settings Not Supported
Visibility Settings Not Supported
Fields in Response Section Not Supported
Fields in Export/Reporting Not Supported
Question Level Type:  
Edline Item Blackboard Open Content Match
Multiple Choice (pick one) Multiple Choice, disable multiple select
Multiple Choice (multiple picks allowed) Multiple Choice, enable multiple select
Yes or No Multiple Option
True or False Two-answer questions translate to True / False. However, Edline allows to create three or more-answer True / False. These translate to Multiple Option in Blackboard Open Content.
Short Typed Answer (one line of text) Essay/Short Answer
Paragraph answer (multiple lines of text) Essay/Short Answer
Drop-down List (pick one) Multiple Choice, disable multiple select
Hand-In (file attachment handed in by the submitter) Not Supported
Hand-Out (file attachment handed out by teacher) Not Supported
Instructions to users Essay/Short Answer
Question Detail Level:  
Edline Item Blackboard Open Content Match
Question Text (bold, underline, italics, font family, font size, font color only) Question Text
Number of Choices, no real limit Supported
Correct choice Blackboard Open Content correct choice field (AND logic supported, not OR logic for multiple picks)
Optional settings: Points Question Points
Optional settings: Required Field Use Blackboard Open Content default (all are required)
Short Field Label (used for exports) Not Supported
Maximum number of selections Not Supported
Maximum Characters Use Blackboard Open Content default (no max)
Field Width Not Supported
Number of Rows Not Supported