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Delete Content from Blackboard Open Content

When you delete content from Blackboard Open Content, when the content is shared, you actually retire the content so that it is no longer available in any searches. That way, any teachers that are linked to the content can remain linked to the information. As a result, their class pages will not have any broken links. This section contains brief instructions on how to retire the content. Review the Blackboard Open Content online help for more information.


Deleting the content from your class page in Edline does not remove the content from Blackboard Open Content.

How to Retire Content

Image illustrating associated text

  1. Select Delete from the drop-down menu available for the content.

    A dialog warning you to retire the information rather than delete the resource.

  2. In the Delete Resource dialog, click Retire Resource.
  3. You can select a Reason or type a Comment about retiring the resource.
  4. Click OK when finished.

When you do delete or retire a resource, be sure to remove the link from your Edline class page.