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Review Responses to Homework and Quizzes in Blackboard Open Content

After students complete their homework or quizzes available in Blackboard Open Content, you can review the responses and complete any scores. If you use an Edline gradebook, including GradeQuick Web and My Gradebooks, you can set the grades to be automatically synchronized with the gradebook.

Blackboard Open Content bases all assignments, tests, and quizzes at 100 points. So if you normally setup an assignment in your Edline gradebook to be worth only 10 points, Blackboard Open Content will change this value to 100.

How to Review a Finished Quiz/Assignment in Blackboard Open Content

The Blackboard Open Content Dashboard will display the number of submissions you need to review.

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  1. Click Submissions for the list of submitted assignments.

    Use the filter options to minimize the results of assignments. Click Update to ensure you have the most recent list.

  2. Click Details for the assignment to grade.
  3. Click the link available in the Submission Date box to see a particular student's assignment.
  4. Complete any reviews highlighted by a warning icon.
  5. Type the number of points the student earned.
  6. Add any Feedback as required. The Feedback box is only available if configured during the quiz/assignment creation.
  7. Click Save Grades when finished.