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Reuse a Calendar

You can rollover calendar events, individually or globally, to move the events forward or backward a specific number of years, months, weeks, or days. This feature was designed to make it easy for teachers to reschedule multiple assignments and other calendar events all at once for the next semester or year, but it is also useful throughout the year when events need to be rescheduled. This feature enables schools to rollover events any amount of time because of school closings. You must be the super user of the web page with the calendar event, or it must be an event you created. This permission is usually available to teachers, coaches, and other super users in charge of webpages.

How to Rollover a Calendar Event

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Rolling Over Calendar Events

  1. Open the webpage or folder with the whole calendar or specific event you want to rollover.
  2. Click the Calendar box to open the calendar.
  3. Click List Items to access the list of events.
  4. To view past events (especially when reusing last year’s calendar), select Past from the View drop-down list.
  5. Select the events to rollover. To select all events, click Select All.

    If you are rolling over more than 50 events (such as all the events for a full school year), set the View box to All for all of the calendar events for the current school year.

  6. Select the rollover criteria in the Roll Selected Dates box by completing the following steps:
    • Select whether you want the events to be rolled Forward to a future date, or Backward to an earlier date.
    • Select the rollover time period of Year, Month, Week, or Day.
    • Type the specific number of years, months, weeks, or days to use to reset the events.
  7. Select Keep on same day of the week if you want to rollover the event to the same weekday.

    Clear this box if you are setting the event to a specific date, such as some holidays which remain on the same date each year.

  8. Select Rollover documents in all locations they are displayed to rollover the event in all groups or class calendars where they are displayed. This feature was designed for teachers to rollover assignments or events in all their classes at once. A district super user responsible for many school calendars can also complete this action.

    Clear this box if you do not want the events rescheduled in other calendars.

  9. Click Rollover Now to update the calendar.