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Maintain Grades and Other Reports

If your district or school uses a Student Information System (SIS) or gradebook software program (such as GradeQuick or Easy Grade Pro) to create reports such as grade reports, absence reports, conduct reports, and transcripts, the school personnel (teachers and administrators) or the school’s Edline super user may be able to post the reports to the Edline website.

Remember — only the intended recipient of the report, users with the correct permissions, will be able to view the reports that are posted.

How to Post Reports

Many gradebook software programs will allow you to post to Edline. Please refer to your gradebook software documentation for further instructions. The reports will be available in the Contents section of the school or teacher (class) webpage, and for students and parents they are always available under the My Edline menu, My Content, then Private Reports.

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When you upload the reports from third-party software, you may be given a choice of names for the report, depending on your software. If you enter the same report name each time you upload reports, the new reports will replace the old reports. This overwrite creates a better looking website and an easier retrieval for parents to find current information. At the end of a quarter you may want to save a copy of the old reports in Edline; in that case enter a different report name when posting new reports. This step will create a new folder and leave the existing report folder present with the old reports from previous quarters.

How to View Reports

Examples of reports include grade reports, absence reports, conduct reports, and transcripts. The viewing capabilities for these reports are:

  • Students can view only their own reports.
  • Parents can view only the reports of their own children.
  • Teachers can view only the student grades for their own classes. In most cases, teachers will not have access to absence reports, conduct reports, and transcripts.
  • Counselors and administrators with super user (or super viewer) permissions can view the reports of all students from all classes.
  • Counselors and administrators without super user capabilities can be given permissions to view specific students instead of all students.

Gradebook Reports

Teachers’ gradebook reports are usually available in the Contents section of their class page.

  • Open the Contents folder to display a list of reports by the students’ names.
  • Click on the name of any student to view the report.

School Reports

A school report, such as a transcript, or grade report combining information from multiple teachers is usually on the school’s homepage.

  • Open the folder containing the reports from the Contents section or from the Home icon, and click on the name of the student to view their report.

    These reports are usually visible only to students, parents, and authorized administrators.