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Email Notifications

Teachers, coaches, counselors, district, and school personnel with proper permissions will be able to create a mass email to all the users listed in their group webpage.

Edline also offers other notification packages. The instructions to sending emails may be slightly different for your school than the content in the following steps. If you have any issues with notifications, contact your system administrator.

How to Email All Users in Your Class or Group

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Sending an E-mail Notification

  1. Open your class, sport, or activity webpage.
  2. From the menu bar, select Tools and then Send Messages to open the Group Member List page.
  3. Select the users who will receive the message.

    If the group has more than 50 members, select Show All. Click Select All to email all users.

    You can also search for a specific user using the Search fields.

  4. Click Send Message to access the Choose Email Recipients page.

    The Choose Email Recipients page usually displays for teachers only.

  5. Select the user types who should receive messages, and then click Continue for the Compose Message page.

    You can send messages only to users with an email address or phone number entered in Edline. The Email Recipient Summary section lists the number of users who will and will not be sent the message. Click Who? to view the list of users.

  6. Set the Message Delivery Options by completing the following steps:
    • Select Allow email replies to be sent to me at and type your email address. Clear this box to not receive email replies.
    • Select Send me a copy of the email at the email address shown above to receive a copy of your message. Clear this box to not receive a copy.
  7. Type your message in the Compose Message section by completing the following steps:
    • Type additional user names in the To box. (Optional)
    • Type your name in the From box. (Optional)
    • Type a title for the message in the Subject box.
    • Type the details in the Message box.
  8. Click Send the Message to Recipients.

    While you cannot send an attachment via an email (due to Junk email settings), you can create a document, and add a link to it within your email. To learn more, see Documents.