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Display an Email Link

Teachers, school administrators, coaches, and other school personnel who manage a class, sport, activity, club, or other group website, can determine whether or not they want a link to their name displayed on a page they manage so school members can email them. School members, including students, who sign in will see your name with a Send email to link. Your email address itself is not displayed. The general public will not see your name and will not be able to email you from the webpage.

How to Show Your Email Address on the Webpage

  1. From the My Edline menu, select My Account, and then Manage Account.
  2. On the Manage Account page, make sure Edline has your correct email address.
  3. Select Yes to Allow members of any group that I manage (like classes) to send me email.
  4. If you send emails to users through your webpage, select the From email address to list on the message.

    If you have more than one email address listed in Edline, select the address from the Address used for messages from group members (if allowed) area.

  5. Click Save and Return.

How to Hide Your Email from the Webpage

  1. Select No from the Email Settings area.
  2. Click Save and Return.