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Request Courses for Students

Certain school personnel, such as super users, counselors, and anyone with course request permissions, can request courses for students. They can either send the class directly as a request, or review the student’s or other teacher’s recommendations and upgrade them as requests. By placing courses in the student’s request list, the courses will be downloaded to your Student Information System’s (SIS) scheduling software that creates next year’s schedules.

The Course Request feature is an Edline add-on feature. Your district or school’s Edline Manager will need to contact Edline support to enable this feature for your website.

How to Request a Course for a Student

You must be assigned with special permissions to be able to request courses for students.

Districts can configure Edline to allow teachers or counselors of one school to log into the next level school to recommend or request courses for their students attending the next level school the following year. Teachers and counselors from other schools should follow the instructions in the How to Recommend or Request a Course for Your Current Student Attending a New School Next Year topic.

  1. From the menu bar on your school’s home webpage, select Tools, and then Modify Course Requests to access the User List page. The User List will include the number of classes recommended and requested for each student.
  2. Select the student you want to update, and click the Edit Course Requests button to access their Course Requests page.

    If your district has enabled the registration of students from other “feeder” schools for next year, such as a middle school to high school, requesters and recommenders may need to select their school before accessing the User List page. Use the drop-down to choose the school user list you need to access and click the Enable or Edit Course Requests button.

  3. Select the course you want to request from the Full Course Catalog section by completing the following steps:
    • If the Jump to list is available, select a class category. For example, select Math to search for an Algebra class. This option may not be available based on your school’s data.
    • Select the name of the course, and then click Add Course Request to request the course.
  4. To add the school’s recommendations (which includes yours and teacher’s recommendations) to the requests, select the courses from the School Recommendations section, and click the Add Course Request button.

    Remember — Only the courses listed in the Requested Courses frame will be included on the student’s request list that is exported to your Student Information System’s (SIS) scheduling software.

  5. Click Submit.

    To drop a course request, select the course from the Requested Courses section, and click Drop Course Request.