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View a Course Catalog or Description

School staff configured as course requesters or course recommenders will be able to view the course descriptions while editing a student’s course request on the Course Request page. This feature will allow you to double-check the descriptions of the classes available to students. Descriptions are only available if your school has posted course descriptions with the catalog.

The Course Request feature is an Edline add-on feature. Your district or school’s IT representative will need to contact Edline Support to see if adding this feature is possible with your Student Information System (SIS).

How to View a Course Catalog or a Description of a Course

  1. Go to the Course Requests page to view the Course Catalog.

    From the menu bar on your class webpage or the school’s homepage, select Tools, and then depending on your permissions Modify Course Requests or Recommend Courses to access the User List page.

    If your district has enabled the registration of students from other “feeder” schools for next year, such as a middle school to high school, requesters and recommenders may see an intermediate screen prior to the User List. Use the drop-down to choose the school user list you need to access and click the Enable or Recommend button.

  2. Select the student, and then click Edit Course Requests to access the Course Requests page.
  3. Select the name of the course you want to learn about from the Full Course Catalog, School Recommendations, or Request Courses section.
  4. Click Description for the Course Description dialog. This feature is only available if a description exists.
  5. Click Close when finished.

    You can also click Print for a printed copy of the description.