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Blackboard Help

Copy Items

School staff can copy folders and documents from My File Locker to another group (class, sport, or activity) available in Edline. You must be configured as the manager for the group that will list the copied information. This permission is usually available to teachers, coaches (when super user permission is enabled in their sport website), and other super users in charge of web pages.

Only teachers and staff can create copy and move My File Locker items - not students.

How to Copy an Content to Another Edline Group (Class, Sport, Activity)

You can copy content from the My File Locker feature accessible through the My Edline menu by selecting My File Locker under My Content. When you copy My File Locker data to other locations, any changes you make to the document in the new location will not be reflected in the My File Locker version.

  1. Select the events to copy. To select all events, click Select All.
  2. Click Copy to access the Copy Selected Items page.
  3. Select the groups (classes, sports, activities) to copy the information to from the list.

    To select multiple groups, hold the Ctrl key while selecting the groups.

  4. Click Copy.