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Grade With SafeAssign

When creating an assignment, you can enable the SafeAssign plagiarism detection service. When assigning grades, you can access an originality report with pertinent information about the sources used.

When a SafeAssign report has finished processing, you can access it on the Grade Assignment page. Access the Grade Assignment page from the Grade Center or the Needs Grading page.

In the Grade Center, locate the assignment that you enabled the SafeAssign options for. When students have made their submissions, you see the needs grading icon—the exclamation mark. Access the cell's contextual menu and click the attempt.

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On the Grade Assignment page, a SafeAssign section appears in the grading sidebar. While the report is processing, the following statement appears: Report in progress...

When the report is ready to view, a percentage appears in the grading sidebar. Expand the SafeAssign link and click View Originality Report to view the results in a new window.

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If you want to use inline grading annotation with SafeAssign, students need to submit the following file types for their assignments:

  • DOC
  • DOCX
  • PDF

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To learn more about using the SafeAssign plagiarism detection service, see Use SafeAssign in Assignments.

To learn more about the report, see SafeAssign Originality Reports.

To learn more about the inline grading process, see Grade Assignments.