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Blackboard Help

Post Install and Upgrade Tasks

Once Blackboard Learn is installed or upgraded to the Learn-Only configuration there are several optional tasks which may be performed based on your desired final configuration.

Optional Tasks

Port Forwarding

By default a Blackboard Learn installation is available on non-standard HTTP/HTTPS ports of 8080 and 8443. The optional Set Up Port Forwarding for Single Application Server help topic explains how to set up Blackboard Learn to handle incoming requests on standard web server ports of 80 and 433.

TLS Configuration

By default Blackboard Learn installs with a self-signed certificate. Learn may be configured with a commercial TLS certificate. The optional TLS Configuration help topic covers the installation of TLS certificates for both Learn-Only and Learn fronted by a webserver such as Apache™ HTTP Server or IIS.

Troubleshooting the Learn Environment

The Troubleshoot the Learn Environment Post Install or Upgrade help topic covers common issues experienced during the installation or upgrade process.