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Uninstall Learn - Q2 2016

The Q2 2016 Installer is run at the command line. If uninstalling on Windows, this action must be performed by a user with Administrator privileges. If uninstalling on Linux, the action must be performed by bbuser.

Before Running the Uninstaller on UNIX

It is important to close all Blackboard Learn-related sessions that are connected to the Oracle database. Follow these steps to disconnect related sessions:

  1. Login as root:

    su - root

  2. Stop all Blackboard Learn services.
  3. Terminate database connections by shutting down and restarting Oracle Database Server.


    Issue the following SQL command to find connected sessions:

    SQL>select process from v$session where schemaname IN

Uninstalling on a Load-Balanced System

Uninstalling a load-balanced system requires removing the application files from each application server and the Collaboration server. After running the Uninstall option on one application server, that application server, the file system, and the database will be removed. Use the Uninstall Appserver option to remove the application files on the Collaboration server and the other application servers. To uninstall app server only, add the -a option to the command, denoted with [-a] as optional in the examples below.

How to Uninstall Blackboard Learn

IMPORTANT!  If the uninstall procedure fails, contact Blackboard Technical Support by logging in to Behind the Blackboard at

Follow these instructions to fully uninstall Blackboard Learn.

  1. Stop all Blackboard Learn services.
  2. Launch the installer

    Please note that the Q2 2016 installer does not create a persistent bb-installler-log.txt file. As a result, one should always capture the output from the installation for troubleshooting purposes. Run the following command to launch the installer:


    To uninstall, open a terminal and enter:

    /usr/local/bbinstaller/ -c /full/path/to/ -u [-a] | tee -a bb-installer-log.txt


    To uninstall, open Command Prompt and enter:

    C:\bbinstaller\installer.bat -c C:\full\path\to\ - u [-a] 1> bb-installer-log.txt 2>&1

    Installer properties must be referred to at its full absolute path and is required for uninstalling the Learn application. For more information on setting up your properties file, see Preparing Installation Properties For The Q2 2016 Installer.

  3. The installer will download the appropriate version of Gradle and begin the process of uninstalling the application.