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Customize Tools and Actions

About Tools and Actions

Each type of activity in the Content Collection is considered an action or a tool. An action is performed on an item in the Content Collection, such as copy, move, or remove. A tool is an operation or series of actions, and is displayed in the Content Collection Menu (the left frame of the browser), such as the Learning Objects Catalog.

Customizing Tools and Actions

Tools and actions can be customized and controlled system-wide. This table lists tools and actions, their locations in the Content Collection, and how their appearance can be customized.

Tool or Action Display Location Customize Display Options
e-Reserves Subfolder of Library under section with default name Institution Content Rename shortcut.
Learning Objects Catalog Toolbox in the Content Collection menu Rename shortcut and tool. Choose color of header and text.
Virtual Hard Drive First area in the Content Collection menu, called My Content by default Rename shortcut and tool. Choose color of header and text.
Action Bar functions (ten operations) Action bar above the Content List Choose to display each function including Web Folders/Shared Locations, Add Item, Add Folder, Copy, Move, Remove, Workflows, Email Items, Bookmark Items, and Download Items.