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Virtual Hard Drive Settings

When users enter the Content Collection for the first time, folders with their name can be created automatically in the user directory. Administrators choose the roles for which these folders are created on the Virtual Hard Drive page. For example, administrators can choose to have the system create folders for instructors but not for students. Users are given full permissions to their own folders. These permissions include Read, Write, Remove, and Manage.

Administrators can select the default quota for these folders using the Default Folder Creation Settings page. To learn more, see Configuring Default Folder Creation Settings.

If a UserID is changed using the Snapshot command line tool, the Virtual Hard Drive folder location for that user also changes. All content and permissions remains intact, but any shortcuts or Web Folders/Shared Locations pointing to the Virtual Hard Drive belonging to that user need to be updated. To learn more about the Snapshot tool, see Snapshot Command Line Tool. To learn more about Web Folders or Shared Locations, see Configuring WebDAV for Web Folders and Shared Locations.

How to Configure Virtual Hard Drive Settings

Vritual Hard Drive Settings
Field Description
Virtual Hard Drive Availability
System Availability Select Yes to automatically create folders for users in the user directory.
Available to Folders in the user directory are created automatically for users with roles appearing in the Selected Roles box. Select roles in the Roles to Select box and use the arrows to move these roles to the Selected Roles box.
  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Content Management, click Content Management Settings.
  2. Click Virtual Hard Drive. The following table describes the available fields.

Changing System Availability

Administrators should exercise caution when changing the system availability, because doing so can have adverse effects on the ability of users to access their files and folders in My Content. If this option is originally set to Yes, then changed to No after users have added items, the content no longer appears. The content is not be removed from the system, but users cannot access it. If the system availability is reset to Yes, user content is displayed again.

Removing Roles

When removing a role from the system, the folder creation settings for that user group are discarded. If the role is recreated, even if using the same role name, folder creation settings need to be set again.