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Date Management

When instructors set up a new course, they often have a desire to use a previous course’s content and settings as the basis for the new course. Instructors use Course Copy. Date Management gives instructors the ability to have the system automatically “shift” content and tool dates in a course in a highly efficient way. After the system makes this shift, an instructor sees all the dates in one place, and can further validate and tweak dates in a single user interface, which greatly streamlines the process.

Availability of Date Management

To learn how to make Date Management available in courses and organizations, see Manage Tools.

Supported Items

All Blackboard Learn items with dates are supported in Date Management. This includes:

  • Content (items, files, audio, and so on)
  • Assessments (tests, surveys, assignments, and so on)
  • Tools (discussions, blogs, journals, announcements, and so on)
  • Manual grade columns
  • Course and organization tasks

    The task due dates are moved during the bulk move process, and they do appear in the Review and Edit Dates Screen. Date Management does not support editing of due dates for tasks from review and edit dates screen.

Publisher content is shown on the Date Management Review page. You cannot adjust the dates of publisher content from Date Management.

Blackboard Collaborate sessions start and end dates are not supported by Date Management.

To learn more about using Date Management, Date Management.