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Create a New Module

Modules can be created only if your institution licenses community engagement.

Several different types of modules can be created from the Administrator Panel. Administrators can use Building Blocks technology to create a completely new and customized module and add it to Blackboard Learn. After modules are created they can be set to appear on the My Institution tab or any other tab that accepts modules.

To create a module using Building Blocks technology, go to (available in English only).

How to Create a Module

  1. Plan the module. Decide the type of module to create, what content to include, which roles should have access to the module, and who will manage the module content.
  2. On the Administrator Panel, under Communities, click Tabs and Modules.
  3. Click Modules.
  4. Click Create Module.
  5. Provide a title, module type, module category, and description.
  6. Determine whether users can personalize the module or detach it.
  7. Determine the System Availability.
  8. Determine whether the module is available for use on Course Module Pages and Organization Module Pages.
  9. Determine whether the module can be selected by users from a Module List.
  10. Make the module available to Everyone or only to Specific Roles.
  11. Select the Allow Asynchronous Loading check box to allow the module to load after other elements on the page, even if it loads out of order. Although this can improve how quickly a page loads, the page may finish loading before the module finishes loading. If you do not select this setting, the module will load according to its order on the page, but the size of the module could affect how quickly the entire page loads. The user returns to the portal page regardless of whether this module has loaded.
  12. Click Browse to Add Administrators for the module. If no users are selected, only users with administrator privileges that include managing the portal will be able to manage the content of the module.
  13. Click Submit to create the module.
  14. The Module Content page specific to the module type opens.
  15. Define the content for the module or click Submit to add the content at another time.
  16. Click Edit Contents for a module to edit the content. If users are assigned to manage the content of a module, they can edit the content from any module tab where the module appears.