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Multiple Choice Poll Module

The Multiple Choice Poll module presents a question with multiple answers. Users see the question as well as answer choices. After users select an answer, they see the results of the poll to date. The only way to see the results of a poll is to vote.

How to Edit a Multiple Choice Poll Module

  1. On the Administrator Panel, in the Communities section, click Tabs and Modules.
  2. Click Modules.
  3. Access the Multiple Choice Poll module's contextual menu.
  4. Click Edit Contents. The following table describes the available options.
    Multiple Choice Poll Module Options
    Option Description
    Question Provide the question.
    Answer Provide up to five possible answers to the poll question.
    Reset Existing Tally Check this box to remove all votes that have been recorded. The tally for each option will return to zero. Users that have already voted may vote again.
    Feedback Provide text that will appear once the users complete the question in the module.
  5. Click Submit.