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How Email Addresses are Used


With the introduction of Social Learning Tools, two separate and distinct email addresses can related to each user:

  • Learn User Record Email Address: Used only by features within an institution’s Blackboard Learn instance.
  • Profile Primary Email Address: Used only to allow users to maintain access to their Blackboard profile across the user’s academic career as they move from institution to institution.

Each email address serves different purposes, and editing one has no effect on the other.

Learn User Record Email Address

The Learn user record email address has been used in Blackboard Learn for 15 years. It is viewable (and, depending on settings, editable) from the global navigation. Click Settings, Personal Information, and select Edit Personal Information.

Learn uses the user record email address for all local Learn features, such as Notifications, Discussion Board, Send Email, and so on.

The user record email address is controlled by the institution.

Profile Primary Email Address

The profile primary email address is part of the cloud-based Blackboard profile that was introduced with the Cloud Profiles and Tools in SP 10. The user is prompted to enter this address when they create a Profile, and the instructions on page direct them to use a personal email address. This email is used for identity verification, which allows the user to maintain access to their Blackboard Profile across the user's academic career as they change or move from institution to institution.

The profile primary email address is controlled by the user.

It is not appropriate to use an institution-provided email address as the profile primary email address because most users lose access to their institution-provided email address after they leave the institution. If the student enters an address that they will eventually lose access to, they will also eventually lose access to their Profile and all of the relationships that they have built through the network.