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Building Blocks

The links on this page take you to the Building Blocks section for all Learn versions. To return to this version, use your browser's Back button.

This section is no longer being updated. For the latest and greatest, go to Tools Management.

Building Blocks™ are extensions to the Blackboard Learn platform that allow institutions to plug additional capabilities into the product. They can customize and extend the user experience, workflows, and data storage capabilities of the platform in unique and interesting ways. Commercial and institutional developers create Building Blocks using Blackboard Learn’s publicly available application programming interfaces (APIs) to integrate with other technologies or further customize the product.

"Featured" Building Blocks are those that Blackboard recommends that you install. When they become available, a Featured Building Blocks Available notification displays in the Administrator Panel under Software Updates. Click this notification to see the newly available featured Building Blocks followed by a list of all featured Building Blocks that you have not yet installed. You can also access the list of featured Building Blocks from the Administrator Panel by selecting Building Blocks > Featured Building Blocks. After you have found the Building Block, you must install it in Blackboard Learn. To learn more, see Install and Manage Building Blocks