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This article is archived and is no longer updated. Go to the new instructor overview of Blackboard Collaborate.

Learn together, work smarter in the ultimate virtual environment.

To learn more about enabling this tool to use in your courses, contact your institution.

Blackboard Collaborate is a powerful all-in-one platform that offers you an immersive human experience through your computer, tablet, or mobile device everywhere, every time. A fully interactive web conferencing environment and asynchronous voice authoring capabilities allow for greater engagement so you're not missing a thing.

You can use a robust tool set that allows you to web conference and connect with one student or your entire class. You and your students can collaborate using audio, video, and recording capabilities. You can also use private and public chat, a whiteboard, application sharing, a clip art library, and the ability to add and edit content at any time.

With Blackboard Collaborate, you aren't just replicating the face-to-face experience, you're adding a personal touch to online collaboration.

Built-in Teleconference and VoIP Options

With Blackboard Collaborate, you can select built-in teleconference, which will dynamically generate the conference call number, leader PIN, and participant PIN. Students and guests accessing a session will see this information before they enter the room.

With the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) option, users can hear the session through their computer speakers or a USB headset. With a headset, outside noises and echoes are diminished.

VoIP also helps you distinguish among speakers. A microphone icon appears next to the participant's name when he or she speaks. For large classes, this can help you understand who is grasping the material or who needs additional help.

You may choose to use a third-party option for your sessions. You need to supply participants with the information to access the session.