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Assignment Grade Settings

On the Create Assignment page, the Grading section is logically organized into three groups:

  1. Submission Details: Select general settings, such as who the assignment is for and how many times students can submit it.
  2. Grading Options: Set up anonymous and delegated grading.
  3. Display of Grades: Select Grade Center column settings, such as whether to show the grade to students.

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1. Submission Details

Select options about the student submissions:

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Assignment Type: Select individual, group, or portfolio. You can require a portfolio as the assignment submission. To learn more, see Assigned Portfolios.

Number of Attempts: Allow single, multiple, or unlimited attempts. If you select more than one attempt, you can also decide which attempt to use in the Grade Center. To learn more, see Multiple Assignment Attempts.

Plagiarism Tools: If your institution has enabled the SafeAssign service, select the plagiarism tool options you want to use. If SafeAssign is not available, these options do not appear. To learn more, see Use SafeAssign in Assignments.

2. Grading Options

You can choose to grade assignments anonymously and to assign other graders to help you with your grading tasks.

Enable Anonymous Grading

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Enabling anonymous grading during the creation stage allows you to eliminate grading bias for high-stake assignments. You can hide student names from submission attempts during grading, making them anonymous. Without knowing who submitted an assignment, you are not unduly influenced by a student's previous performance, class participation, conflicts, race, gender, or perceived student aptitude. This practice can also contribute to the student-instructor relationship because students are assured that grading was unbiased.

After you select the Enable Anonymous Grading check box, choose when you want to automatically remove students' anonymity:

  • On specific date: Provide the date you want to disable anonymous grading. The system automatically begins removing anonymity before the end of that date.
  • After all submissions are graded: Provide a due date. After students submit attempts, the due date passes, and you have graded the attempts, student anonymity is disabled.

You can manually disable anonymous grading at any time by clearing the Enable Anonymous Grading check box. To learn more, see Anonymous Grading

Enable Delegated Grading

Using grades and feedback from more than one grader helps to promote reliability and remove bias. You can assign specific users in your course to grade particular sets of student submissions. For large classes, you can divide up the grading tasks among TAs and other graders.

After you select the check box for enabling delegated grading, you can view a list of all potential graders. Roles with default grading privileges include instructor, teaching assistant, and grader. Use the drop-down list next to each grader's name to assign submissions to grade:

  • All Submissions
  • Random Set: Grade a random set of the selected number of students. If you assign multiple graders to grade a random set, students are distributed evenly before any student is included in multiple random sets.
  • Groups: Grade all students who are part of the selected course groups.
  • None

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    When all graders have assigned grades, the instructor role views all grades and feedback on the Reconcile Grade page and determines the final grade for each student. To learn more, see Delegated Grading.

Watch a Tutorial

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3. Display of Grades

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Choose how grades will appear in the Grade Center and to students in My Grades. Only your Primary selection appears to students.

You can also choose to include the assignment score in grading calculations.

Based on the assignment requirements, you can choose not to show the grade and statistical information to students in My Grades.