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SafeAssign FAQs

This article is archived and is no longer updated. Go to the new SafeAssign FAQs page.

I want to restore a course I created that contains old SafeAssignments. Now that SafeAssign is integrated into regular Blackboard Learn assignments, what happens to my old SafeAssignments when I restore my course?

For import/export, SafeAssignments that reside within the previous (source) course are converted to Blackboard Learn assignments with SafeAssign enabled. Any submissions that were made to either SafeAssignments or regular assignments in the previous course will not be duplicated in the new courses. Additionally, any settings that were defined on SafeAssignments in the previous course will be applied to the newly created Blackboard Learn assignments with SafeAssign enabled in the new courses, such as availability dates, and points possible.

For exact copy and archive/restore, SafeAssignments that reside within the previous (source) course are not converted to Blackboard Learn assignments with SafeAssign enabled. Any submissions that were made to SafeAssignments in the previous course will be duplicated—for exact course copy, or recreated—for a course archive/restore.

Can I still use the SafeAssign Course Tool?

Yes. The SafeAssign course tool displays both old SafeAssignments and Blackboard Learn assignments with SafeAssign enabled.

Can I allow multiple attempts for assignments that use SafeAssign?

Yes. SafeAssign can now report on multiple attempts for one assignment. If more than one attempt is allowed, attachments for all attempts are visible in the report. Each new attempt is recognized as originating from the same student and the same assignment, and is not checked against content in previous attempts.

Can I create group assignments using SafeAssign?

Yes. SafeAssign can now report on group assignments. Submitting group members appear in the report. The report is linked to each individual student when viewing in the Grade Center.

Is there a size limit for student-submitted files?

Yes. SafeAssign is unable to process submitted files larger than 10MB.

What happens when I delete submissions? Can I restore them?

SafeAssign is a cloud service and student papers are stored in the SafeAssign database. SafeAssign maintains a referential link between the course/assignment/student or group AND the submission that a particular paper and the originality report is associated with. However, it is possible that a restored archive or an exact course copy (including submissions) could contain references to submissions that were previously deleted.

1. In week 1, a student submits to an assignment with SafeAssign enabled.
2. At the end of the course, the instructor archives the course and deletes the course, assignment, or submission from Blackboard Learn.
3. Later, the instructor restores the course using the course archive package.

From SafeAssign’s perspective, the “link” between the course, assignment, or submission and the underlying paper has been broken due to the instructor’s actions in step 2. Therefore, in the restored course, the instructor cannot view the SafeAssign originality report for the submission. To restore the link between the SafeAssign data and the course/assignment/submission, click Synchronize Course.

Are there any changes to the process for submitting assignments?

No changes were made to the student process for submitting assignments with SafeAssign enabled.

Can I use anonymous and delegated grading with SafeAssign?

Yes. When grading anonymously is enabled, graders are unable to view SafeAssign information. When grading is complete, the plagiarism detection is run. You can follow up with any students who might have issues and modify grades, if necessary.

Does SafeAssign work elsewhere in Blackboard Learn, such as in Self & Peer Assessment, forums, or Content Collections?

Not at this time.