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Test and Survey Canvas

Access the Test or Survey Canvas from the Grade Center, the Course Tools section in the Control Panel, and by accessing a deployed test in a course area, such as a content area or folder.

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On the Test or Survey Canvas, you can:

  • Edit the name and instructions before students submit attempts. Access the title's contextual menu and click Edit.
  • Change question settings, such as setting the default point value for test questions and options for scoring. Survey questions are not graded, and student responses are anonymous.
  • Create questions
  • Edit, reorder, and delete questions.
  • Select any or all questions and change point values. For tests, you can also change the point values of existing questions even after students submit attempts. Any submissions affected by test changes are regraded.
  • Reuse and find questions.
  • Add question sets and random blocks.
  • Upload questions.

After students submit attempts, the ability to modify a test is limited. Once a test has attempts associated with it, you cannot add a question, modify the number of questions in a question set, or change a random block definition or options.