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Test and Survey Results

From the Grade Center, you can view statistical information about your tests and surveys. For example, you can view what percentage of your students chose each multiple choice answer for one of your tests.

Because surveys are ungraded, a check mark appears in the Grade Center cell for submitted surveys.

How to View Test or Survey Results

  1. From the Grade Center, navigate to a test or survey’s column.
  2. Access the column's contextual menu and click Attempts Statistics. The results display on the Statistics page.

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Because surveys are anonymous, you cannot view any student's individual answers. If you included an open-ended essay question in the survey, all responses are listed.

Download Results

In the Grade Center, each test or survey column's contextual menu also has a Download Results option. You can compile the questions and answers in a spreadsheet to review offline.

When you download test results, it includes the users' names and usernames. Unlike tests, surveys are intended to gather opinions from students where they can reply honestly because their anonymity is protected. As a result, when you download survey results, the results will not include any information that identifies each user. 

Downloaded test and survey results do not include statistical information.

Formatting Options

When you download information, you can select the delimiter type for the downloaded results for the test or survey. Comma-delimited files (CSV) have data items separated by commas. Tab-delimited files (TXT) have data items separated by tabs. 

If you pasted test or survey information from an HTML or Word document when creating your questions and answers, you may see HTML code in your spreadsheet.