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Customize Grade Center

Your view of the Grade Center is customizable.

You already know you invest a great deal of time planning and creating lessons, matching lessons with learning objectives, and then assessing whether those objectives have been met. Assessing learning objectives is accomplished in many different waysthrough exams, projects, papers, group work, participation, and more. Assigning value to student work and configuring a grading schema to display grades to students is unique for each instructor and for each course.

All Grade Center functions are initiated on the Grade Center page. This view is customizable, allowing you to sort items in ways to maximize efficiency and to view student information with a minimum of scrolling. You can also create rules to apply color to the cells in the Grade Center grid, either by grade or status. Color rules provide visual indicators to help you interpret information quickly. To learn more, see Color Code the Grade Center.

You can customize your view using grading periods and categories, and moving columns to them. You also can customize a grading schema to interpret Grade Center scores. To learn more, see Grading Periods, Grade Center Categories, and Grading Schemas.

By default, the columns for students' first and last names appear first. Columns for gradable items and calculations of those items appear across the page. You decide which columns appear and in what order. Icons appear in cells and headings to signify the availability of students, the visibility of items to students, and the status of gradable items. To learn how to hide and show columns and rows, see Organize the Grade Center.

The Grade Center is populated with students when they are enrolled in your course or section. To learn more, see Manage Users.

How to Make the Grade Center Accessible

To make the Grade Center accessible to as many people as possible, the Grade Center has two different modes, Interactive and Screen Reader.

  • Interactive Mode: Grade Center default setting. You can freeze columns and type grades directly in the cellscalled inline editing.
  • Screen Reader Mode: Grade Center data appears in a simplified grid. The table is static and you type grades on the Grade Details page accessed from the cell's contextual menu. You cannot freeze columns or edit inline, making it easier to navigate by keystroke and accommodate screen readers. When the Grade Center is first accessed by users with screen readers, users are immediately given a choice whether to use this non-interactive view before progressing any further.

In both modes, you can do the following:

  • Move the mouse pointer from column to column using the tab key.
  • Navigate the cells using the up, down, left, and right arrow keys on a standard keyboard.

Use the following steps to change to Screen Reader Mode:

  1. Access the contextual menu for the Grade Center heading.
  2. Click Turn Screen Reader Mode on.

    Image illustrating associated text

This setting is not saved across sessions. It lasts only as long as the current session. After you log out, the view defaults back to Interactive Mode.

Grading Offline

You can download and work with Grade Center data outside of the system. Then, you can upload the edited data to the Grade Center. To learn more, see Upload or Download Grade Center Items for Working Offline.