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Export/Import and Archive/Restore Content Collection Items

When a course in Blackboard Learn is exported or archived, links to any Content Collection files are included. If a package is then imported or restored, these links are included in the content. The behavior of these links depends on the state of the items in the Content Collection.

Items Remaining in the Content Collection

If the items are stored in the same location within the Content Collection, the links to these items in the course will function properly. Instructors need to check the permissions for these items as they may need to be edited. Permissions for this item need to be granted to the Course User list so all users enrolled in the course may access the items. If users do not have permissions to the item, an Access Denied error message appears when they select the link.

Items Restored or Imported to a System Without the Content Collection

If a course package is restored or imported to a course in Blackboard Learn without the Content Collection, all of the links to Content Collection items in the imported or restored course will be broken. This is because the course saves a link to each item, not the actual files.

Instructors must delete the links to these items from the course. If the items are accessible, they are added to the Content Collection and linked to again from the course.

If the Content Collection is moved or deleted, the same behavior described above will occur. All of the links to the Content Collection items will be broken.

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