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Share and Find Content

About Tools for Sharing and Finding Content

A number of tools are available to aid in sharing content and searching for content that has been shared. These options are dependent on the level of the folder shared. When a folder is shared, permissions are granted to all content in the folder.

Find Folder

The Find Folder function allows users to search for top-level folders they have permissions for. When a user is granted permissions to a top-level folder, Find Folder allows users to locate the folder and add it to their Content Collection menus, which makes it easy to access the folder on a regular basis.

Users can decide to share a top-level folder with another user. They can adjust the permissions on the content within, limiting the content another user may access. For example, grant a user read permission on the username folder. Then, open the folder and remove read permission for the content this user may not view. The user can still use the Find Folder function, but may only view specific content in the folder.


Search allows users to locate all files and folders that have been shared with them. After a search, only those items a user has permissions for are returned. If permissions are granted on a nested folder—and not the top-level folder—the user can search for the folder and bookmark it. You cannot use the Find Folder function on nested folders.

Go To Location

Go to Location allows users to go directly to a specific folder that has been shared with them in the Content Collection. This timesaver allows users to enter the path to open a folder and bookmark the location at the same time.


Bookmarks give quick access to frequently used content without having to navigate through several folders. Users can organize bookmarks into folders and sub-folders. This tool is helpful when permissions are granted on a nested folder, as the Find Folder function is not available.

Workflow Activities

If a user is expected to take action or respond to an item, you can send a workflow activity with the item. When you create a workflow activity, select the users to share the item with and the permissions. You can also send an email to these users about the shared item and the attached workflow activity.


When you share a file, you can add a pass for a specific amount of time. This is especially useful for sharing files with users who do not have system accounts. When you create a pass, you can grant read or read and write permissions for the file. When the time allotted for the pass is over, the user can no longer access the file.