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The People tool is a single location where you can find and connect anyone with a user profile. These connections can be made through existing connections, such as a course you are enrolled in or through new connections you decide to make.

Access the People page through the global navigation menu. If prompted, you must accept the terms of service and provide an email address before using the this tool for the first time.

If you do not see the People page, your institution has not turned it on.

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  1. Expand the list of courses to see users enrolled in your courses or organizations.
  2. View all of your current classmates who have opted to use profiles. Use the various links in the left panel to view specific groups of users.
  3. Preview a user’s profile by moving your mouse pointer over his or her avatar to show the profile card.
  4. Search for specific users at other institutions or within your academic networks by first or last names.

Enhanced Features

If your institution enables the enhanced set of social profiles and tools, additional capabilities appear on the People page:

  • Enhanced Profiles: Follow, block, or message users from their profile cards. If you click Follow on users' profiles, their posts and comments from their profile walls are aggregated on your Posts page in My Blackboard.

    If a profile card displays only a user's name, avatar, nickname, about me information, and academic discipline, your institution does not have enhanced profiles.

  • Cross-institution Search and Networking: See users in all of your Blackboard courses and organizations across all of your institutions.
  • Connections: See who you are following and who is following you. The People page alerts you when someone has requested to follow you, if you selected the option to require requests in your profile settings. You can accept or decline the request.
  • My Spaces: See users who are connected to the spaces you are associated with.

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