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A space is a group that you can easily and quickly create to collaborate with other users. For example, you can create a space for a final exam study group, your athletic team, or any other special interest. Spaces are not the same as organizations. Anyone can create and manage spaces.

Access the spaces you belong to through the global navigation menu. The spaces that you have joined and manage appear in your profile. If prompted, you must accept the terms of service and provide an email address before using this tool for the first time.

If you do not see the spaces tool, your institution has not turned it on.

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  1. Access the spaces you manage and belong to.
  2. Browse public spaces at your institution to join.
  3. Create a space. When you create a space, you are automatically made the manager of the space. You can promote other users to manage the space also.
  4. Respond to space invitations.

How to Search Spaces

  1. Click the All Spaces link located below Create a Space.
  2. All public spaces appear in the right panel.
  3. Type keywords in the Search box and press the Enter key. The search results display in the right panel.
  4. Point to a space to view it or request to join it.

How to Create a Space

  1. Click Create a Space.
  2. Type a name for the space.
  3. Optionally, invite space members and click Get Started.
  4. Click More Options.

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  5. Add an image.
  6. Invite space members.
  7. Select the space category and type a description.
  8. Set the privacy options.
  9. Click Save Edits.

Edit a Space

On the Space page, click Edit Space. From here, you can change the space name, picture, category, description, privacy settings, and membership.

Space Privacy and Joining Options

The privacy settings in your space set how your space appears in My Blackboard and in member profiles. Read each option on the Edit My Space page carefully to set users who can find and join your space.

  • Public Spaces are discoverable using search, and anyone can join.
  • Protected Spaces are discoverable to search, but to join, you must request access from the manager or be invited by the manager.
  • Private Spaces are not discoverable using search and can only be joined by invitation from the manager. Private spaces do not appear on a member’s profile.

Post and Comment on Space Wall

Use your space wall to update and have conversations with those who follow the space.

  • Provide information in the Share Something field and click Post.
  • Comment on a user’s post. Point to a post or comment and click Comment.
  • To edit, point to one of your own posts or comments and click Edit. An “EDITED” label appears to make it clear  that the following occurred:
    • The post or comment was edited from its original state
    • When the most recent edit occurred

Manage Membership

From the space's Edit page, you can manage current membership and pending invitations. In the Space Membership area, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Click Manage to view current space members. Point to a member to make him or her a manager, or remove a member from the space.
  • Click Invite to ask new members to join the space. On the Invite page, you can view pending invitations. Click the X next to a pending invitation to rescind it.
  • View the list of current Managers and Members.


When you invite a user to become a member of your space from the space's Edit page, the invitation shows on their Spaces page in My Blackboard. An invited user can accept or decline the invitation.