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Discussion FAQs

This article is archived and is no longer updated. Go to the new Discussion FAQs.

Why Can't I See My Discussion Post?

If you composed a post and don't see it, perform the following actions:

  • Check if you accidentally saved it as a draft. Return to the forum page, point to Display and click Drafts.
  • Click Search at the top of the main discussion board, forum, or thread pages and search for a term you used in your lost message.

    When composing long messages, write them offline in a word processing or notepad program that you can save locally. Then, paste the message into discussions. This can provide you with peace of mind, as well as a way to recover your work in case of technical difficulties.

What Does Subscribe Mean?

If allowed by your instructor, you can be alerted by email when new posts are made. Your instructor chooses whether the alerts are for posts made at the forum or thread level.

When the forum email subscription feature is enabled, click Subscribe on the action bar. You will receive emails when new posts are made to the forum.

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When the thread email subscription feature is enabled, select one or more thread check boxes and click Subscribe in the Thread Actions drop-down list. You will receive emails when new posts are made to the selected threads.

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