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Blackboard Help

Add Permissions to an Item or Folder

Permissions are added and removed on the Manage Permissions page for an item or folder. Permissions can be added according to the following methods:

  • By adding specific users
  • By adding specific user roles
  • By adding specific lists of users (Course, Course Group, Organization, Organization Group, Outcomes)

Adding Specific Users

  1. Open the Content Collection folder where the item is located (for example, /users).
  2. Select Permissions from the contextual menu for the appropriate item. The Manage Permissions page appears.
  3. Click Select Specific Users. The Add User page appears.
  4. Select Usernames and Permissions:

    Note:  If permissions are added for a user or user list but no check boxes for specific permissions (Read, Write, Manage, and Delete) are selected, the user or user list is still added to the Manage Permissions page. This is true for all users and user lists with the exception of Public and All System Accounts. In these cases the user list is not added to the Manage Permissions page if no permissions are selected.

  5. Click Submit.

Granting Everyone Permission

There are two ways of granting permission to all users:

  • Click Permit Anyone from the Action Bar.
  • Select All Roles from the Select Roles drop-down list.

Granting Permissions to Folders Versus Items

Permissions granted to a folder may or may not affect items and sub-folders within the folder. An additional option, Overwrite, appears on the Permission pages for folders, allowing the user to choose how the contents of a folder are affected when Permissions are edited.

If the Overwrite option is selected, the current permissions for all items and sub-folders in the folder are removed. The permissions selected in the Permissions field are granted to these items and sub-folders. After editing permissions on a folder, the user may change the permissions on an item within the folder. These permissions will be overwritten if Overwrite is selected for the parent folder again.

If this option is not selected, the permissions selected in the Permissions field are granted to all items and sub folders, but existing permissions are not removed. For example, if an item already has Read permission, and only Write permission is selected on the Add Users page, the item will be granted Read and Write permission.