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Manage Permissions for a Folder

User access to a folder is controlled through the Manage Permissions page. Users can be added individually with separate permissions assigned to each user or users can be added in groups, such as all the users enrolled in a particular Course or all the users with a certain Institution Role. These groupings are derived automatically fromBlackboard Learn.

How to Manage Folder Permissions

Follow these steps to open the Manage Permissions page for a folder.

  1. Navigate to the folder that contains the folder to be edited.
  2. Select Permissions from the contextual menu for the folder.

When permissions are granted on a folder, they apply to all sub-folders and items within the folder. For example, if Read permission is granted for a user on a folder, the user will also have Read permission to all sub-folders and items within the folder. Read permission may then be removed from specific sub-folders and items. Thus, Instructors and Students can work with items in the same folder and the Instructor can protect certain items from being edited by a Student.


The Manage Permissions page for a folder includes the following functions.

Manage Permissions Functions
To . . . click . . .
add a user Select Specific Users in the Action Bar.
add a list of users User List from the Select Specific Users by Place drop-down list. From this page a list of users can be added and permissions set.
add specific user roles Institution Roles from the Select Roles drop-down list. From this page a list of user roles can be added and permissions set.
grant permissions to all users Permit Anyone from the Action Bar or select All Roles from the Select Roles drop-down list. Adding public permissions to a folder allows users with accounts on the system, as well as people in the general public, to access the folder according to the permissions set.
delete a user or a list of users the check box next to the user or user list then click Delete in the Action Bar. All of the selected users and lists will have their permissions removed. Once permissions are removed, the users can no longer access the folder.
edit the permissions for a group Edit from the contextual menu for the appropriate user or group. 

Changes in Courses and Groups may affect the use of this option.

  • If a Group is deleted from a Course, the Group will no longer appear on this page and the permissions will be removed.
  • If a Course is made unavailable, the Groups related to this Course will still appear on this page and permissions will remain.
  • If a Course is disabled, the Groups will no longer appear on this page and permissions will be removed.

Permissions Warning

Editing permissions may impact users who access a folder through a Course or Portfolio. For example, if a folder is linked to in a Portfolio and Read permission is removed for the Portfolio User List, a broken link appears when users attempt to access the folder through the Portfolio.

When a user edits the permissions on a folder that is shared with a Portfolio or Course, a warning appears indicating that this action will break existing links to the folder. The user can cancel the action or choose to continue.